(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Mary J. Blige Ordered To Pay $30,000 A Month In Spousal Support

Mary J. Blige has been ordered to pay her estranged husband, Martin Kendu Isaacs  temporary spousal support in the amount of $30,00 per month. Issacs who wants to live in the standard of living he is used to  requested a whopping  $129,319 a month . The court found Isaac's request unreasonable. Along with the monthly amount Blige was also ordered to pay $235,000 in back support.

Blige argued that her prenuptial agreement waves spousal support. She also alleges that  Isaacs misappropriated money for two years spending $420,00 that had nothing to do with the business. Blige argued, "My success as an entertainer has nothing to do with Isaacs. I was successful when I met him and have continued to enjoy success, although there have certainly been ups and downs."

One last interesting note ... the court says Mary and Martin were living beyond their means during their marriage and still have millions of dollars to pay back in taxes.