(Randy Holmes via Getty Images)

Steve Harvey Celebrates 61st Birthday Today

Steve Harvey is doing so much that it would take a paragraph to list all that he is doing right now. He gives a new meaning to the term workaholic. Today we say Happy Birthday to Steve as he celebrates his 61st birthday. Right here on Old School 105.7 Steve is the host of the nationally syndicated "Steve Harvey Morning Show" which is heard weekday mornings from 5-9am pacific time. He is the host of three TV shows, including his own afternoon talk show, "Steve." He co-hosted New Years Eve from Times Square this past New Years and for the last couple of years has been the host of the Miss Universe pageant. Steve is known for his extremely dapper style of dressing and his background as a stand up comedian serves him well in all of his TV hosting capacities, especially in his gig as host of "Family Feud." We could go on and on but we'll stop here and just wish Steve a very Happy Birthday!


Syd Gaddy