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Actor/Musician Jared Leto Shares his Heart Felt Love Of Las Vegas and Hopes For Healing With Ellen

Actor Jared Leto  began acting in college. His breakthrough role was on the show My So-Called Life (1994-95), starring Claire Danes. A film career followed, including roles in Fight Club (1999), Requiem for a Dream (2000) and Dallas Buyers Club (2013), for which he received the 2014 Academy Award for best supporting actor. Musician Jared Leto is lead singer of the band, 30…

LL Cool J Nominated for 2018 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

When the 19 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees were  announced this morning  James Todd Smith (who named himself LL Cool J at the age of 16 )  realized that he could be well on his way  to being inducted into it's prestigious club. He is the only MC  among the 19  2018 nominees.…

Episode #7 LJ Reynolds And The Dramatics

The Dramatics was one of the most charismatic groups of the 70's. With hit records like "Whatcha See Is Whatcha  Get " and "In The Rain" The Dramatics thought that the ride would last forever. Of course, that wasn't  how long that ride was going to last. Inner group turmoil, drug addiction, even a frightening…

Old School 105.7 Remembers Aaliyah

Everyone remembers where they were  on August 25, 1001 when they heard the sad news that Aaliyah and eight others were killed in a plane crash after filming the music video for ,"Rock The Boat". She was only 22 years old and was attributed with helping to redefine R&B and Hip Hop.