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Kimberly Steward Is Taking the Hollywood by Storm

We're saluting history maker and film producer Kimberly Steward and her work in making “Manchester By The Sea."Her movie was the first from a streaming device to receive an Oscar nomination. Created by Amazon Studios, this film has received six different nominations - some of which including; best original screenplay and best picture.

The Oscars smiled on “Manchester By The Sea” with wins for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor for Casey Affleck.


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Kimberly Steward #ManchesterByTheSea," is second black woman producer nominated for a Best Picture Oscar (second to the legendary Oprah)

Steward also made history when she received her nomination. With her in the running of Best Picture, this will be the second African American woman producer to win in Oscar’s history. Steward said that if she does win she’ll “definitely be giving Oprah a shout out.”

From St. Louis, Steward has been paving the way for colored women around her. She stated when she first received the Oscar news, she was completely in shock. When the film first was released at Sundance, people were in awe with Casey Affeck’s performance.


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Manchester by the Sea". A man became a guardian to his nephew after his brother died. Great movie. 8/10. #RekomenFilem

When Kimberly first read the script, she was intrigued by the human aspect of the film. For being so dramatic, the film was also extremely witty and was about to drill “down on what life would be after such a tragic situation, not everything is what people perceive things to be.”


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RekomenFilem Manchester by The Sea, 7/10 A movie that offers up life as it truly is: messy, maddening, full of regrets & words left unsaid

On the film, she was able to work with Academy Award winner, Matt Damon. Previous to Casey stepping in as the lead role, Damon was supposed to take part as an actor. He “came up with the general idea” of the film, but when Casey heard about the role, he knew he had to be a part of the cast.

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Congratulations #Oscars Best Picture nominee "Manchester by the Sea." We'll see you on Sunday, February 26th!

Kimberly stated that the first time she saw the film; she “started bawling and crawling.” Being a part of film was such a surreal experience and, by watching the film for the first time, she relieved what it was like to share that world.

In the future, she hopes to support more amateur film makers. She is going to continue her friendship with Amazon and will be releasing a few new projects in the future.

We’re excited to see where Kimberly’s road will take her. She has a creative vision that turns ideas into masterpieces


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