Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

United Airlines Refuses To Let Three Girls Wearing Leggings Board Flight

We are anxious to know what people think about this. Before we go on, let's clarify that leggings or spandex pants for women are not a new fashion trend. Leggings have been around for years. Watch reruns of some of your favorite old TV shows and you're sure to see female actors wearing leggings, stretch pants, and spandex. Some find them to be extremely sexy and some say they are too revealing and don't leave anything to the imagination, showing every outline of a woman's figure. On Sunday, a United Airlines gate agent at Denver International Airport refused to let two teenaged girls and a 10 year girl board a flight bound for Minneapolis. The girls in question were "pass travelers" which allows United employees and their dependents to fly for free. United has a dress code for such travelers, saying that they represent the company. In a series of tweets, United stood by the gate agent's decision and cited the dress code for pass travelers as reason enough for not letting the girls board.