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The ‘Rosanne’ Cast Is Considering A Reunion Show

Could there be a Rosanne reunion show in the works? Well, Rosanne Barr posed the line on Twitter, and it became a thing. 

After Barr posted this tweet:

The Talk on CBS posted a shot of John Goodman (who played Rosanne's Husband) along with Sarah Gilbert, who is one of the talk show hosts from The Talk:


The best part about a potential Rosanne Reunion, is that most of the cast has kept up on their acting skills, or kept in close contact. Sarah Gilbert has played a reoccuring character on The Big Bang Theory as a scientist / love interest for Leonard, who is played by Johnny Galecki, who played David, her love interest when they were teenagers on Rosanne. Whew!


If that wasn't enough, Laurie Metcalf sticks around as well, popping up on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's Mom.


It would be relatively easy to pull everyone together, considering everyone's still on their grind, but it'll be interesting to see if it gets pulled on to CBS rather than ABC, considering that both The Talk and The Big Bang Theory are on CBS.


To be continued!


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