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Drake in Good Company After Latest Billboard 200

Rap superstar Drake continues to appeal to the masses, heading for a second straight week at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

His latest project, or playlist, More Life earned 226,000 album units last week, down 55 percent from his epic debut of 505,000 units. This now marks 20 cumulative weeks that Drake has spent atop the chart.

According to, Drake now only trails three other rappers who have spent more time at the No. 1 spot–Eminem with 31 weeks, Jay Z with 23 weeks and MC Hammer with 21 weeks. reveals that MC Hammer had just one number one album, while Drake is tied with Eminem and Kanye for the second-most number one projects with seven. Jay Z leads all rappers with 13 No. 1 albums.

Checkout all of Jay Z’s record setting No. 1 albums:

Magna Carta… Holy Grail (2013): 528,000 first week sales, 1,5000,000 albums sold (per
Watch The Thrown (2011): 436,000 first week sales, 2,000,000 albums sold
The Blueprint 3 (2009): 476,000 first week sales, 2,4000,000 albums sold
American Gangster (2007): 425,861 first week sales, 1,600,000 albums sold
Kingdom Come (2006): 680,000 first week sales, 3,000,000 albums sold
Unfinished Business (2004): 215,000 first week sales, 750,000 albums sold
The Black Album (2003): 463,000 first week sales, 4,000,000 albums sold
The Blueprint 2: The Gift And The Curse (2002): 545,000 first week sales, 2,500,000 albums sold
The Blueprint (2001): 1,004,200 first week sales, 3,500,000 albums sold
The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000): 557,789 first week sales, 3,000,000 albums sold
Vol. 3… Life And Times Of S. Carter (2000): 462,000 first week sales, 5,000,000 albums sold
Vol 2… Hard Knock Life (1998): 350, 000 first week sales, 10,500,000 albums sold

Totaling over 55,000,000 albums sold during his career!


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