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How You Hold Your Phone Could Give Hackers Your Information

Be aware of how you tilt your phone, hackers could be watching.

According to Seventeen, "Cyber experts at Newcastle University have highlighted how easy it is for malicious websites and apps to "spy" on users using the motion sensors found in smartphones and tablets. Analyzing the movement of a device as the keyboard was being used, the team of researchers were able to crack four-digit PINs with 70 percent accuracy on the first guess and alarmingly, 100 percent by the fifth guess." Many people are unaware of this risk and are unsure of what the twenty-five different sensors on current smartphones actually do. The sensors are used to track their user's actions such as clicking, scrolling, holding and tapping. Researchers recommend that you only download apps from the approved apps stores and to change your pins and passwords regularly.

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The Way You Hold Your Phone Could be Giving Away Your Passwords to Hackers

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