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That's One Funny White House Bunny!

There is lots of great info on the annual White House Easter Egg Roll but what we really want to know is....Who Is That Funny Bunny?!

Every wonder who plays the White House Bunny at the Easter Egg Roll every year? After all, the bunny is really the star of the event-for all of those kids anyway! Ever notice how funny he is? He's always in position for some great photos....and his face-priceless!

The White House Easter Egg Roll started in the late 1800's but it wasn't until 1969 that the first White House Bunny hopped down the South Lawn Trail. In 1969 the first bunny was a staffer and friend of Pat Nixon. Ursula Meese, wife of President Regan's Attorney General Edwin Meese was the bunny for six years.  During the George W. Bush Administration the bunny was played by none other than Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He traded in his fleece costumer for a suit this year.....so whom that funny bunny was is not yet known. One thing we do know form sure is that a requirement for -playing the bunny is definitely a sense of humor!


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