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No More Instagram Or Twitter For Kanye West!

For no apparent reason or warning, Kanye West has deleted his social media. 

Pitchfork shares the news, along with saying that they have reached out to West's representatives for more information.

Maybe Kanye knows that Twitter Fingers are the Devil's Playthings? Or maybe he's still too stressed out?

Or... Considering the fact that wifey Kim Kardashian went solo to the MET Gala, could Kanye and Kim be on the rocks?

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Either way, being off social media while having anxiety or a mental condition on some level is always a good plan. Overly immersing yourself in the "not real" is no way to deal with an over active or worrysome mind.

That, or maybe he just has better things to do.


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