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TLC Asked Fans To Pick Their New Album Title

TLC funded their new album with a kickstarter, and let their fans submit titles for the album name. 

Sadly, it seems like nothing stuck because TLC has decided to make the album a "self-titled" album. The cover art is also extremely vibrant!

TLC on Twitter

What do you think of the album art for our self-titled release?? #NewProfilePic

The girls dropped the track "Haters" last week, and it has an electronic-pop sound to it - check it out here:

TLC - Haters

TLC - Haters TLC - Haters

Check out the tracks for the album, which will drop on June 30 according to NYLON.

01 No Introduction
02 Way Back [ft. Snoop Dogg]
03 It’s Sunny
04 Haters
05 Perfect Girls
06 Interlude
07 Start A Fire
08 American Gold
09 Scandalous
10 Aye MuthaFucka
11 Joy Ride
12 Way Back (Extended) [ft. Snoop Dogg]


Can't wait to hear the rest!


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