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It's Not World Turtle Day Without These Adorable Turtles

"You never really know, but when they know, you'll know? You know?"

There's your daily quote from the notorious Disney comedy Finding Nemo. Who doesn't like some Crush the sea turtle and Dory the blue tang fish?

Back to our point. Do you know what today is? World Turtle Day! It's celebrated on May 23 each year and sponsored by the American Tortoise Rescue.

The day was created as an annual observance to celebrate turtles and protect them and their disappearing habitats around the world, according to the World Turtle Day website.

So we just HAD to make your day with some of these cute turtle tweets. And maybe even learn a few facts about these ridiculously cool reptiles. Enjoy!

He's swimmin' away! 

On This Day on Twitter

Today is #WorldTurtleDay. Our action is needed to help turtles and turtoises survive and thrive. https://t.co/iTuecDDECo

They have feelings, too! 

Jen Moore on Twitter

A good reminder to slow down for turtles crossing roads. It's the time of year when females are on the move to find nests! #WorldTurtleDay

Shellebrate! Get it?

Queensland Science on Twitter

Today is #WorldTurtleDay, and these little guys are ready to shellebrate ???? https://t.co/96Wtyi3qPJ

Who wants some turtle love? 

Wildlife Warriors on Twitter

Happy #WorldTurtleDay! Hands up if you love #turtles as much as we do! ????

Keep on trucking little one!

Roberto Blizzard on Twitter

WorldTurtleDay [email protected] There's a place where you can see hatchlings take their first flips towards the ocean https://t.co/VwuTsqNIPB

Aww! Look at these sweet babies! 

Meliá Cuba on Twitter

Today is #WorldTurtleDay. Helping baby turtles make it to the sea every year at our #SolCayoLargo: Best thing ever! Pic. Danny Rideaout

Want to help save a turtles life? Follow these important steps!

PETA on Twitter

This #WorldTurtleDay, learn how you can help save their lives ❤️???? https://t.co/KvG6cMTnBp

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