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We Have Faith In You, Do You?

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Sometimes when we're faced with tragedies and hit with bad news, we tend to lose hope, especially when it's consistent.

When you had a loved one who was initially supposed to survive their cancer battle but didn't. He or she endured chemotherapy and radiation repeatedly. There were ups and downs from the beginning until the end.

You just kept hoping things would turn out alright. You gave it your all to uplift that person, send them inspiring messages and tell them daily they will overcome this rough time. Unfortunately, fate had other plans and you felt let down and discouraged.

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With continuous terror attacks, unnecessary wars and hate crimes, we as people can often become helpless. We start to lose faith in humanity and question everything that happens.

But sometimes you got to keep the faith no matter how horrible things may seem. That's what keeps you going and the positive energy flowing.

Don't give up hope. Hold onto your the faith. Do what you need to do to work through it.

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Listen to your favorite songs, seek help from friends and family or attend a religious service of some type.

Some people stick to the belief that "everything gets better from here". They stand in solidarity with other countries when they just endured a fatal attack so great. Some people still believe in their leaders and their missions for their countries, despite outside influences and opinions.

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They still believe in themselves even when they have made a mistake or several. They believe they can learn from it, move on and try harder next time to accomplish their goals. They still believe good people exists even when a friend or acquaintance does them wrong. They won't let themselves see a glass half empty.

So, what do you still have faith in? Here's what Twitter has to say.

Diana on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn good people on Twitter

Hear dark chocolate does have health benefits. #IStillHaveFaithIn

Blue Rona on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn There is more good than evil!

Its WeeDeeeeeeee on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn the power of friendship no matter what religion

R #ChrisBlue on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn never giving up. i can come really close at times, but don't let yourself give up. anything can happen.

Red T Raccoon on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn our America That ALL men are created equal and we must preserve life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness for EVERYONE.

Lisa Leyrer ???? on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn unconditional love ❤️

Tom Malvaso on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn choosing to do the right thing even when it's harder

BeckyWithTheGoodHair on Twitter

IStillHaveFaithIn kindness

Tidewater Trends on Twitter

Istillhavefaithin having class and great style. That'll get you through anything this world throws at you. ????????

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