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Kanye West Nominated For Design Of The Year For 'TLOP' Merch

Who knew that album merch could snag such an award?

According to Complex, Kanye West just got nominated for a Beazley Design of the Year Award which is an award given away by the Design Museum. The museum describes their contributions as follows in their press release:

"The Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to architecture and contemporary design, its work encompasses all elements of design, including fashion, product, and graphic design."

Among the nominees, Kanye is put up on the list with a Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket With Jacquard By Google, and the Nike Pro Hijab.  The description of his product specifically notes that it's the merchandise itself and the pop-up stores that existed.

The other popular item that made the list, which isn't in Kanye's category was the design of Pokemon Go for Niantic.


Congrats, 'Ye!


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