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Fans Of Chrissy Teigen Helped Her Victoria's Secret Dreams Come True

Chrissy Teigen is many things. She's a supermodel, a Twitter superstar, and the creator of the incredibly popular Cravings cookbook. She's also mom to Luna and wife of singer-songwriter John Legend. But the one thing she's not? A Victoria's Secret model. Since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is about to happen in China, the model took to her favorite social media platform (Twitter, of course) to lament the fact that she hadn't been cast in the show.

christine teigen on Twitter

Can someone photoshop me into this


Her legion of devoted fans weren't about to let her feel left out though. Instead, they decided to Photoshop her face into the cast picture in a myriad of creative ways. Take a look:

yoss #TeamMiley,,✧ on Twitter

@chrissyteigen DON'T ASK ME WHY, i just edited your face in all of them bc why not? KJHJKAHSJKHKJH K

????????☃️ on Twitter

@chrissyteigen I gotchu


Her followers went very realistic, as well as more far-fetched with their work:

Julian on Twitter

@chrissyteigen I have two options for you


Even former *NSYNC star Lance Bass got in on the joke:

Lance Bass on Twitter

Congrats @chrissyteigen on your new #VictoriaSecret campaign! You'll always be my angel. ????


Honestly, we hope to see Chrissy actually walking in the show next year. She's gorgeous and also hilarious. How has she not landed her own pair of Angel wings yet!?



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