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Amazon Go Opens It's First Cashier-less Store Experience In Seattle

Could this store be  the example of how we will shop in the future? I mean, I still have anxiety at the self check - out   at the grocery store as I frantically try to scan my groceries and get them in the grocery bag before the lady inside the machine tells me to , "place the item in the bag" one more time!

Here 's how the Amazon Go Store works: The entrance to Amazon Go features turnstiles like those found at subway stations, and with a swipe of the store’s smartphone app, shoppers are granted entry. Then, they can choose from a selection of items typically found in a  supermarket or convenience store, such as soda, chips, and other small food items.

Along with no cashiers and no cash, there are no shopping carts. Shoppers put all of the items they intend to purchase directly into shopping bags to take home with them.

After picking out what they’d like to buy, shoppers walk back out the same gates they entered through — no waiting in line. Cameras throughout the store use machine learning software to keep track of shoppers’ chosen items, and their Amazon accounts are charged once they leave.

These Cashier-less convenience stores are just one example of the changes that could be forthcoming in the future of shopping.



SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 22: A shopper scans the Amazon Go app upon entering the Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)
Amazon Opens First Cashierless Convenience Store In Seattle
SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 22: Fresh-made daily sandwiches are on display at the Amazon Go in Seattle, Washington. After more than a year in beta Amazon opened the cashier-less store to the public. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)