(Photo by Richard Shiro/Getty Images)

Black History Month Salute to Venus & Serena Williams

February is Black History Month and we decided to take a minute to salute Venus & Serena Williams, two of the greatest female tennis players ever! Venus and Serena were raised in Compton, Ca. They both learned tennis from their dad Richard, who coached them with help from their mom Oracene. Venus is older than Serena by a year and she was the first to make her mark. Venus won the Wimbledon championship, the most hallowed of all tennis tournaments, five times between 2000 and 2008. Serena has become arguably the greatest female tennis player ever, winning 23 Grand Slam titles, breaking Steffi Graf's record of 22. During their rise to the top of women's tennis, Venus and Serena have both endured racial animosity but have risen above the fray and become staunch advocates for equality for minorities and for women. We salute Venus and Serena Williams!