Patti Pennington Opens Faith Now Brooks House

Anyone who knows Patti Pennington knows that she is on a mission from God.

Patti is a well known force for good in the Las Vegas Community through her Now Faith  Community Development Corporation.

Ever since moving to Las Vegas from Detroit  she's been on a mission to educate  and empower women  and children who's lives have been effected by domestic violence, sickness and mental illness.

Patti is in her 8th year of producing her  Annual All White  Domestic Violence Awards Gayla where she honors community leaders and  brings in special guests (last year it was Melba Moore) to share their testimony so that  these women see  that they too can rise above their circumstances to be whatever they dream. For the event Patti transports an entire group of women from shelters  who she and her team have made over with hair, make-up and a special white outfit. These women spend an entire day FEELING what is's like to be  beautiful, honored, important.

Now, Patti's Faith Brooks House will give  mentally challenged women ready to leave hospitals and mental health facilities soft place to land. Brooks house is  where they can  receive prayer, counseling, empowerment, leadership ,therapy and office skills.

Patti's team of counselors  and licensed therapists are there to help them set up a plan to get where they dream of  going.

Patti is in the final stages of getting Brooks House ready to welcome it's first seven ladies.   Facilities and Hospitals who have learned about Brooks House are  enthusiastically calling  call her to interview patients for entry into the program.

This is just the first of many houses Patti plans to  buy, furnish and staff  to help those in transition. Her next plan is for a youth home. As a child who  survived domestic abuse Patti says,  "I made it out and people need to know that there is hope."

To contact Patti Pennington go to:; Call 866-697-3188 ext. 104 or email [email protected]

Pictures of Brooks House Final Preperations