Tisha Campbell Gets Down to Her New Song

Tisha Campbell better werk! I already knew that Tisha Campbell - from the hit show Martin - could sing and act, but I had no idea how great of a dancer she is.

Embed from Getty Images

She recently dropped a new single titled I Don't Wanna Be Alone and just posted a video dancing to it on Instagram; I saw it and was blown away. Not only is she dancing her butt off, but she's dancing better than people half her age. You can check it out here. Hats off to Tisha!

She also started a #Idontwannabealone dance challenge on Instagram, and you can search the hashtag and see other dancers dancing to her song.

She also recently posted a picture of herself with Martin Lawrence and Tichina Arnold. Hmm... Is there a Martin reunion in the works? I hope so! But until then, I'll just enjoy her new single.


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