(Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Wonder Productions)

Stevie Wonder Celebrates 68th Birthday Tomorrow

They call him "The Genius," and if you're truly "old school" then the music of Stevie Wonder has been part of the soundtrack of your life for years. Stevie turns 68 tomorrow and music fans around the globe join in wishing him a happy birthday. Here in Vegas, there's a buzz going around that Stevie will perform some shows here over the summer. He alluded to that fact during a VIP performance in West Hollywood on Thursday night. We'll keep our ears open for more developments on that front. Stevie always keeps busy and is working on finishing a new album, "Through The Eyes of Wonder" which will be highly anticipated. We wish Stevie all the best as he celebrates his birthday and we hope to see him here later this summer!

Syd Gaddy