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Lil Wayne Is Out Here Exposing Himself

Lil Wayne basically exposed himself to the world and he doesn't care.

In a recent sit down with Bumbu Rum, Weezy was bombarded with a series of questions and he didn’t hesitate but on a single one.

The series is called “The Bumbu Room” and here is episode one.

"The Bumbu Room" Ep 1 | Nicki vs Rihanna, Real vs Fake Booties, Jordan vs Kobe, and more

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The only thing I want to know is what did he mean when he said him and Nicki would make beautiful music and then beautiful “something else”? He may have been joking but lets not just overlook that. Also, did he really pick Kobe over MJ? Sorry but that’s just plain silly.


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
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