Backstage Stories with Connie Breeze

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Old school music has become the soundtrack to our lives, this podcast is for the lovers of old school who want to know the intimate behind the scenes moments of the artists who created the music. Join Connie Breeze from Old School 105.7 in Las Vegas every week as she interviews a new artist and discovers the moments that influenced them to write a particular song and the ups and downs that they've had in their own lives.

Episode #13 Michael Colyar

Michael Colyar has been captivating audiences wioth his unique style since  the 80's. Michael consistently performed 5 shows every weekend for 0 years on Venice Beach and was dubbed the King Of Venice.  Since then his gained a vast audience with starring roles in Blackish, House Party III and Martin. In this episode we talk…

Linda Griner – Episode #4

Linda Griner was made in Motown, she lived her life with Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, & all of the other artists that made Motown great.  On this episode of Backstage Stories, Linda sits down with Connie to talk about what it was like working around Las Vegas legends “The Rat Pack” and what……