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In this Episode of, " Backstage Stories with  Connie Breeze" I have another riveting conversation with Marshall Thompson of The Chi Lites and discover even more gold nuggets of music history including his 50 year partnership with Joe Jackson, the pranks Michael would play on him when he stayed at the mansion and he even…

# 15 Backstage Stories CMB- Update

Since my original interview with CMB they have seen more controversy  stemming from Bryan Adams punching Mark Calderone on stage. This episode of Backstage Stories is an update on the group including their future appearance at our 16th Annual Love Affair Concert. 

Episode #13 Michael Colyar

Michael Colyar has been captivating audiences wioth his unique style since  the 80's. Michael consistently performed 5 shows every weekend for 0 years on Venice Beach and was dubbed the King Of Venice.  Since then his gained a vast audience with starring roles in Blackish, House Party III and Martin. In this episode we talk…

Backstage Stories #13 ROB BASE

In this episode of Backstage Stories I get to chat with Rob Base, one of the stars of The, Salt N Peppa's " I Love The 90's Tour" which is now a residency at the Paris Hotel.. Rob  and I wonder what we were thinking with those 90's style, his humble start rapping in abandon…