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Where Is America’s Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee?

02/13/2017 at 9:01 | Sarah Harley // Freelance Writer
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In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, there is a new coffee shop called the Extraction Lab, where for $18, you can be served America’s most expensive cup of coffee.


So, what makes this particular cup so special? Called the “Jeremy Zhang Gesha” it is created from a rare Ethiopian Arabica bean which is only found in Panama. Each cup is brewed from a machine created by Alpha Dominche. Called “The Steampunk” machine, it has a series of glass chambers that look similar to that of a beer-style tap. Each chamber can control the temperature, water added, and the time of the brew. Steampunk is only one of the two available $7,000 machines available.



Owner of the shop, Thomas Perez, states that the price tag is not the reason why they created the cup. He wanted his customers to have a beautiful experience with every sip. According to WWLP News, he stated that this brew is “for the people who really want to go wild and try something special, we have that special coffee, it’s amazing.”



Customers are flocking to the location in order to taste a sip. Currently sold out, customers who were lucky to get their hands on the brew had some positive reviews. The New York Post reports that Annie Gaarder, “a 30-year-old actress” reviewed she expensive cup. She stated that it was a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and “it was delicious.”


Extraction Lab is not the only place that has a cup of joe above $10. San Francisco’s Blue Bottle previously held the title for “most expensive coffee”. At $16 a cup, the cause of the price tag was the limits quantities of the coffee. After exporter Mokhtar Alkhanshali “traveled in a dinghy across the Red Sea with only two suitcases of coffee, after being kidnapped and mistaken for a Houthi rebel, to bring the coffee to his Yemeni farmers and brethren to the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America.)”

So, yeah, we think that qualifies as a good reason for an expensive drink.



Sarah Harley is a Hufflepuff living in the NYC area. When she is not talking to random animals or collecting stickers, she is a comedy writer working in television production. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp.


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