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If You're Still Not Over Britney and Justin, You Need This Shirt

If you're still not over Britney and Justin (who is?) you probably spend your days reliving some of their best memories as a couple.

One of those moments is the time they showed up to an awards show in matching Canadian tuxedo ensembles, looking absolutely flawless. While they both appear to have moved on and are living full, happy lives without each other, you can still pay homage to the couple that captivated the early 2000s with this incredible shirt.

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Britney and Justin's best look ever is now a (very pricey) t-shirt


Seriously, how much do you need this hanging in your closet? The garment comes from Belgian fashion brand Filles a Papa. It retails for $152.47, which is hefty, but can you really put a price on nostalgia? No, no you can't. Grab yours here.



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