Episode #7 LJ Reynolds And The Dramatics

The Dramatics was one of the most charismatic groups of the 70's. With hit records like "Whatcha See Is Whatcha  Get " and "In The Rain" The Dramatics thought that the ride would last forever. Of course, that wasn't  how long that ride was going to last. Inner group turmoil, drug addiction, even a frightening police incident in Detroit at the historic Algiers Hotel during the riots all came to pass for The Dramatics.  After going their separate ways  in the 80's they nearly said, " no" to Snoop Dogg (a huge fan) when he called LJ Reynolds in 1993 and asked The Dramatics to collaborate on his first single, "Doggy Dogg World" which went on to sell 8 million copies.

Connie Breeze  speaks with LJ Reynolds of The Dramatics on his current projects and performances, the brotherly love that is still alive today among the Dramatics and  of course, their Backstage Story.