CCSD Info. Re: Students Protests And Walkouts

We at Old School 105.7 want to be sure that  CCSD Students know how to express themselves  as well as the policies at CCSD regarding protests and walkouts.

According to CCSSD, there are many questions about  their policy  regarding student walk-outs and other protests. Here is the email  Old School 105.7 received regarding National Walkout day March 14:

..."As educators it is part of our job to encourage students to express their opinions through petitions, social media, and other appropriate methods. Some students have approached our administrators about organizing  events on campus to  talk about school safety. As long as our administrators pre-approve those events and the students remain safe and on campus, this is an appropriate way  for students to express themselves." Please keep in mind that Nevada law requires all children between  seven and  18 years of age to attend school. Nevada law also requires the district to mark  students unexcused and to notify their parents if they do not show up to class. Students who miss class to engage in non-approved activities will be marked tardy or unexcused. As always,parents can excuse their students  for outside of the school as they see fit......"